Three Pillars of Optimal Health

As per Ayurveda health are the supreme foundation of virtue, wealth and enjoyment, and salvation. Ayurvedic and Yoga practice aims to attain liberation by restoring health and resolving health problems.

When Ayurveda talks about restoring health, it simply means healing the immune system. Our immune system not only fights with the disease but also fights with the pathogen. It gives us the power to overcome from negative emotions such as anger, fear, and worry. Covid-19 has proved the importance of a healthy lifestyle and strong immunity.

We all can heal the Immune system by adding the golden rules in everyday life, suggested in Ancient Ayurvedic Texts. These golden rules applied to all Dosha (Kapha, Vata, and Pitta) imbalances as these rules work as pillars for optimal health and wellbeing. This trinity is Ahara (Diet), Nidra (Sleep), and Brahmcharya (Control over the Senses), let’s discuss them in detail –

  1. Diet (Ahara):- Ayurveda considers food as medicine. If a person is eating a balanced diet to heal the body and mind will surely be healthy and happy. As per ayurvedic principles, food should be moderate, seasonal, and according to body constitution. Eating at the right time in the right portions acts as medicine is extremely important. Cooking is the process to break down food for better digestion and absorption. Chewing an essential process after cooking as it does break down the bites.
  2. Sleep (Nidra):- According to Ayurveda sleep is a blessing of the Devine energy. Good sleep is an essential need for the healing of the mind and body. When Ayurveda describes sleep it doesn’t mention how long one should sleep, rather it says to go to bed early. Remove all the disturbing thoughts by meditating or concentrating on positive things before going to sleep. Bathing, Abhyanga (Massage), Warm Milk, Naysa (putting 1 drop of ghee or sesame oil in each nostril and ears.
  3. Control of the senses (Brahmacharya):- Stimulation of senses leads to disharmony and eventually leads to imbalances. As per Ayurveda, senses feed the mind and creates the reality of the outer world. What you see, you sense affects the whole chemistry of the whole body on a subtle level. Emotions and thoughts influence the nervous system deeply so avoid disharmonious use of all the 5 senses. Choose the harmonious use of senses to heal the mind and immune system.

Health is a very much personal responsibility of an individual. It’s all about you, your body, and the connection you make with the true self. Nurturing yourself is essential so eat well, sleep well and think positively.


I am an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. I use holistic techniques of Ayurveda from India to help individuals maintain a healthy life, eliminate impurities, reduce stress, and fight disease. Through observation techniques that focus on the interconnections between body, mind, and spirit.

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